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Elite Enterprises has multiple resources available to provide to your company.  Our team yields over 25 years of experience in the industry and commits to provide a long lasting service.

Facilities & Pipeline Construction

- Elite installs oil pad equipment and fabricates all piping needed and will work with your team to build a long lasting relationship with quality open communication

- Experience in laying steel and poly pipe

- Conduct anomaly digs and execute repairs

- Assist in diagnosing corrosion damage to pipe and follow up with the proper method to repair that pipe; including cutouts, replacements, and recoating

- ROW maintenance and repairs including the replacement of washout erosion, sink holes and bank slides

- Reseeding and weed abatement on sites, ROW and the forest service

- Our roustabout services include well tooled pickups with the proper trailers and equipment needed to complete the ambiguous tasks  encountered in the oil field industry. We currently run 4 roustabout crews with Stephens Natural Resources, XTO and Denbury

- Elite has coated multiple above ground piping systems which are executed meticulously to provide a quality product withstanding years of weather and protecting the pipe from adverse affects of corrosion.


- Elite has dependable licensed trucks to provide call out services for heavy equipment up to 55 ton and any width

- We have the ability to custom haul your hay or provide resources to purchase hay for any situation

- Maintain a variety of in-house trailers to haul most aggregate and demolition materials

Mechanic Call-Outs

- Elite provides diesel truck and equipment repair services throughout North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming, and Montana

- We specialize in engine diagnostics, engine repair, oil changes, brakes, and drive lines 

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