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Elite Enterprises is an experienced oil and gas services company.  Our employees have worked throughout Wyoming, Colorado, North Dakota, South Dakota, Utah, New Mexico, Montana and California. Elite provides services in new facilities construction, pipeline construction and maintenance, trucking, and mechanical repairs.


Elite Enterprises is a family owned oilfield company that constructs new facilities and pipelines and supply services to modify existing structures. These services are provided by maintaining relationships with high quality individuals who are proud to work together in the culture that we strive to create. It is a safety culture that allows professionals to access their full capabilities to render a superior product. These attributes combined give the ability to preserve long lasting relationships with clients that look forward to working with us. This allows Elite to achieve our goal to provide a quality workplace where people can grow and sustain a well-balanced life.

Levi Conry


In 2002, Levi started in the oil and gas industry on a 36" pipeline that connected resources in Wyoming to the market in central California. Since then, he's had positions in new construction, maintenance, repairs, operations, estimating and division management. These experiences have given him a solid base to build and grow Elite. 

Lindsy Conry


Lindsy graduated from Colorado State University.  She has 9 years in home loan and banking experience along with nine years in small business ownership that all support the organization of the office for Elite.

Jose Martinez

Project Manager

Jose has a well rounded background in commercial and industrial construction. He joined Elite in 2016 and has been on the front of multi-million dollar operations from beginning to end on jobs ranging from water, sewer, civil and oilfield operations. 

Mark Dommer

Project Manager

Mark has an extensive background and training in natural gas distribution and pipeline operations. He started with Elite in 2017 and leads numerous roustabout jobs throughout Montana, North Dakota and South Dakota. 

Doug Dallman
Ryan Watson
Katelyn Watson

Construction Manager

Doug has an extensive background in oilfield, pipeline, and facilities, including gathering systems from start to completion. He started with Elite in 2018 and is responsible for overseeing all of our projects and senior estimating. 


Ryan has a diesel mechanic background and graduated from Lake Area Tech with an Associate of Applied Science in Diesel Technology. He started with Elite in 2019 and is responsible for maintaining and repairing Elite's equipment.

Office Manager

Katelyn graduated from Black Hills State University with a Masters in Business Administration. She provides organization within the company using financial projections, growth plans, and directing staff.

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